Paradigm Shift

A shift from an ethic of exploitation to an ethic of right relationship is essential for individuals and for society. This will entail change from a focus on material goods to holistic well-being; from excess to sufficiency; from exclusion to inclusion; from competition to cooperation; from pursuing privilege to serving the common good; from the pre-eminence of humanity to the reverence for all life.

Toward this end we will be guided by the wisdom of our sacred scriptures and religious traditions, especially Sabbath traditions of Leviticus and Deuteronomy and the inclusive table of Jesus, which

  • provides enough for everyone, with no one storing up more than is needed;
  • cares for the widow, orphan, stranger and traveler;
  • honors a weekly Sabbath, providing rest and human restraint from busy, frenetic economic activities;
  • allows the land to rest every seven years;
  • decrees a Jubilee every 50 years, when slaves are freed, debts cancelled and families have their land restored to them; and
  • models the breaking of bread, by creating strong communities built on care for one another.


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The Problems with Air Conditioning, by Dave Kane

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Living Well Beyond Money by Julia Wartenberg

Thinking Globally, Action Locally on Climate Change by Marianne Comfort

Truly Measuring Prosperity, by Pamela Haines


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