Return corporations to their proper place in society

In order to achieve the changes described above, it is clear that we must decrease the amount of influence that corporations wield in government and society in general. The reigning forces in our world should serve the interests of the common good, rather than the private interests of a wealthy few. Corporations should be accountable not only to shareholders, but also to, their workers, regulatory bodies, the communities in which they are embedded, and the natural world.

Toward this end we will study the history and design of the corporation to better understand its proper role in a just world. We will declare a separation of corporation and state and work for initiatives to decrease corporate influence in government, the media and our lives. We will work to stop reckless financial practices that exploit natural resources and people. We will help cultivate financial institutions that respect Earth’s limits and ensure economic participation with dignity for all people.


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Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – Corporations v. Democracy page with 10 part study packet

Reclaiming Democracy – News and commentary on political scene and government

Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy


Nothing Wrong with Minting $1 Trillion Coin, by Pamela Haines

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Call to Revoke Mining Company’s Charter

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Land Grabbing Threatens Local Communities, by Sisters Aine O’Connor and Rita Parks

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The Strategic Corporate Initiative: Toward a global citizens’ movement to bring corporations back under control, from Yes! magazine

Maryknoll OGC NewsNotes special series: Corporations in the U.S.

12-year-old urges governments to take back power from corporate banks


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