Thriving and Resilient Communities

In living the new paradigm and strengthening its hold on society we will shift from a perception of ourselves as independent individuals to ourselves as interdependent members of thriving communities. All have something to contribute as we give and receive gifts and talents among neighbors through barter systems, cooperatives and worker-owned businesses. Community-based investment and economic development will help individuals to deepen their connection with the place where they live and will keep resources circulating locally. This will build community assets and strengthen social ties. We will embrace subsidiarity – decisions will be made at the local level by the very people whose lives are impacted most.

Toward this end we will learn more from the sustainable community-level examples known well by indigenous peoples and already functioning in our local communities in the United Sates and around the world, spread those ideas, participate in them ourselves and express our solidarity by supporting their efforts.


An Advent Vision of a New Economy, by Marianne Comfort, Institute Justice Team of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

The Cleveland Model – an article about Cleveland showing the way to develop worker-owned, locally-focused green businesses.

The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience by Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement


Community wealth – local organizations in the U.S. working to strengthen local economies

The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability

Post Carbon Institute – current articles on peak oil and adaptation – communities working to localize their economies

Transition culture – all about transition towns and beyond

Transition Towns -a good power point presentation on Transition Towns prepared by Larry Chang (warning 17+ MB)


10 Steps to Justice and Peace, by Marianne Comfort

Building a Cooperative Society One Business at a Time, by Marianne Comfort


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