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Rio +20 Action

Write to President Obama, Secretary Clinton or your country delegates to the Rio + 20 Earth Summit. Ask that they work to create an alternative to the GDP for measuring progress!

Around the world, people and nature have been destroyed in the name of tallying GDP (gross domestic product). The trouble is that GDP measurements do not take into account whether what generates wealth contributed to health and well-being. The only thing that is counted is the money exchanged. For example, if a man in the midst of a terrible divorce contracts a disease that requires hospital stays, psychotherapy and expensive pharmaceutical treatments, he is contributing a great deal to the GDP, but he would likely tell you that he is not doing well. We need measures that better indicates health, and happiness rather than an arbitrary measure that has little to do with the well-being of humans and Earth.

What’s more, countries and corporations often cause irreparable damage to Mother Earth through extraction, pollution and pillage — all in the name of economic growth and increasing GDP. The upcoming Earth Summit is an opportunity for nations of the world to better define progress as what counts toward enhancing all life.

Click on the following link: Rio-20-Delegates-letter to download a letter in word format and send your letter to President Obama or Secretary Clinton at the addresses below.

President Barack Obama/ The White House/ Washington DC 20500

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton/ 2201 C Street, NW / Washington, DC 20520


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