Posted by: davenlu | November 2, 2014

Webinar series on people of faith addressing the roots of corporate power

The Faith, Economy, Ecology, Transformation group (FEET) that maintains this website hosted a series of Webinars that look at the roots of corporate power and influence and what roles people of faith can play in diminishing that power and influence. Please click on the titles of the webinars to watch the video (note that the first webinar is audio only).

See the program for the four webinars:

October 1A Paradigm Shift in the Understanding of Corporations


David Korten (Yes! Magazine)

William Quigley (Loyola University)

October 15 – Alternative Forms of Corporations


Heather Van Dusen (B Lab)

Ed Lorenz (Alma College)

John Duda (Democracy Collaborative)

November 5 – Confronting corporate power nationally


Mateo Nube (MovementGeneration)

Aquene Fairchild (Public Citizen)

Liz Ryan Murray (National People’s Action)

November 19 – Confronting corporate power internationally


Nathaniel Meyer (Corporate Accountability International)

Melinda St-Louis (Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch)


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