Posted by: kathymcneely | September 18, 2012

Growing the Robin Hood Tax Movement: Six Steps for Robin Hood Tax Endorsers

The time for a financial transaction tax has come. It is a simple and relatively painless way to confront two central economic problems facing the world today: the lack of money available for public investments necessary to create the conditions for human dignity; and increasing economic insecurity due to the growing size and influence of financial institutions. The suggestions below, contributed by David Kane, build on an earlier post and give organizations and individuals concrete actions they can take to promote the tax.

1. Let visitors to your organization’s website know about your endorsement with a front page RHT button and link to the campaign. Website managers should copy/paste this code  into website where they want the image and RHT website link to appear:

 <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”Robin Hood Tax USA” border=”1″/></a>

 2. Use your Facebook page(s) as a tool to promote the Robin Hood Tax. Begin by visiting the Robin Hood Tax page<> and LIKING the page:

 Then make sure to follow the daily status updates and share them with your Facebook friends.

 3. Use your Twitter account as a tool to promote the Robin Hood Tax. Begin by following the campaign on twitter @robinhoodtax<>.

4. Post information about the Robin Hood Tax on your website(s) and share with your members. One recent news piece from the Real News Network is a great example<> of the kind of information that educates people about the tax and is easily accessible to a wide audience:

5. Provide a wide variety of resources and information about the need for the Robin Hood Tax to your members and followers. Robert Polin’s recent book, “Back to Full Employment<>,” can be found both on-line and in bookstores and is a tremendous resource for understanding why austerity measures are the wrong solution and why the Robin Hood Tax is so critical.

6. Take every opportunity to relate the issues important to your organizational mission to the need for the Robin Hood Tax. In press releases and blogs, flyers for members and public outreach, and even in your internal colleague-to-colleague communications, reinforce the reasons why you have endorsed the Robin Hood Tax and be prepared to answer any questions by provide multiple resources for more information.



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