Posted by: kathymcneely | August 2, 2012

Christians as Consumers

Fr. David B. Couturier, OFM Cap. is the research analyst on economic issues for the Franciscan Action Network<> (FAN). FAN recently published his new paper on “FRANCISCANS AS CONSUMERS: Ethical Responsibilities<>.” Fr. David calls for “a new language of desire and a more assertive spirit and practice of ethical consumerism” which can help “to stop the spread of human slavery in the global marketplace.”

Fr. David Couturier, OFM Cap

Fr. David Couturier, OFM Cap

Fr. David’s reflection applies as well to anyone willing to ask: How do we think of ourselves as “consumers” and what drives our economic choices? What role do our faith and our values play in the choices we make as consumers? What impact might our economic choices have on the lives of people around the world?

Fr. David has authored two books, The Fraternal Economy: A Pastoral Psychology of Franciscan Economics and The Four Conversions: A Spirituality of Transformation, as well as more than fifty articles on the psychology of justice, organizational development and religious leadership. Fr. David teaches at St. Bonaventure University in New York and at the Pontifical Antonianum University in Rome.




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