Posted by: kathymcneely | March 14, 2012

A Dance of Exodus in an Age of Growth

Tevyn examines Earth's vulnerability and resilience

A review of Leaps and Bounds, the film

Contributed by Kathy McNeely at the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

Inspired by the themes that the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns explores in its Faith Economy Ecology Project, Tevyn East created Leaps and Bounds, a one-woman show that traveled the United States for 2 years introducing people to her journey to determine how to live out her Christian values in an increasingly unsustainable society. It is a journey that acknowledges the personal transformation that must accompany constructive solutions to the converging energy, environmental, and economic crisis we face today. She explores Judeo-Christian scriptures and the ideas they provide to respond to these crises.

Her performance, now available in video form can continue to inspire communities that have not been introduced to her witness. Reanimating the themes presented in live production, the film moves beyond the limits of theater and is shot in a variety of spaces with which our society has become familiar. Layers of storytelling, song, dance, music and ritual are all set in new backdrops which are beautiful and emblematic of our society’s disconnection with Earth. Tevyn clearly connects the earliest errors of human society to the jeopardous principles that now drive economic growth, but ends with a deep expression of signs of change and hope for the future. David Korten, board chair of YES! Magazine and author The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, calls this video “An uplifting work of beauty and insight with an inspiring message of hope and possibility.’

Go to The Affording Hope website  to order copies to share with family and members of your own faith community.



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