Posted by: davenlu | November 13, 2009

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Read the founding statement for the Faith, Economy, Ecology, Transition coalition (FEET).

See the list of 80+ signing organizations. 

Sign on to the statement.

View a reading of the statement with accompanying photos, click here.

Read and comment on our draft Ecological and Economic Principles.

Finally, follow us by clicking on the “follow” button at the bottom right of your screen and receive an email each time a new article is posted.


  1. This is a wonderfully complete model for a program. I am part of a group that right now is trying to decide how we can build a conference connecting the environmental community with the religious community. It has been done twice in our state, and it seems to be our turn. I wonder who wrote this page and if we are looking for speakers, if this person would be willing to come all the way to
    Wyoming. Thank you.
    Shirley Craighead

  2. 1. As I encountered this document through Maryknoll News Notes, you might try contacting their offices.

    2. Jack Jezreel, founder of JustFaith, might be in your area at some point, or you might invite him.

    3. Contacting one of the of organizations listed which support this document (a couple are in Wisconsin, one in California) might help identify someone who could help you address your questions

    • You can write to me, Dave Kane, at for any questions.

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